Your future payments

are your credit

 Borrow $500 – $25,000 based on your payment stream
 Recevie cash in as fast as 4 hours
 Low rates of 2.9% – $4.2%
No payments until your next payment comes due
All credit accepted

Smart Payment Loans

Up to $25,000 regardless of your credit score. Often, same day funding with rates as low as 4.2%. No court process, with Payment Genius your payments are your credit.

Free credit enhancement services

Planning for the day when your payments run out is based on good financial guides, because when your payments run out, you need to be prepared. Today, your payments can be your credit. Find out what services Payment Genius offers to help you enhance your credit, and with that your future.

Debt Management Strategies

Do you have debts that you don’t know how to handle? Payment genius has relationships with the largest institutions in the world that can help you manage your way out of these.

The Genius in Payment

We strive to give lottery winners guidance on how to make intelligent choices with their payments. Our mission is for winners to learn how to maneuver through lottery-winner issues, so that their luck becomes financial savviness.

Our services range from offering personal loans, free credit reviews, education on credit and debt, to long term planning with payments.  Our management team has over 50 years of combined experience serving lottery winners. The team has initiated over $2 billion dollars of financial inventory in their previous companies.

The executive team realized that many annuitants were often not qualified for traditional financial services, because of this, many were forced to sell their payments to get out of their current financial struggles. With Payment Genius’ alternatives, annuitants have the opportunity of slowing the process of selling their payments, or many times having no need to sell their payments. 

As a lottery winner, you are surrounded by people that haven’t had your good fortune, making the key decision process, even harder. Our Payment Experts, will help you understand the key issues a lottery winner faces. You have come into a position where luck can be mistaken for knowledge, but we are here to help you turn that luck into knowledge. Often admitting that you don’t know something can be a very difficult thing, our Payment Experts will help you, and direct you, to services that will allow you to make a more informed decision.